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Unlock Chinese Android Mobile Phone’s Multimedia Muscle

Quiz: iPhone is to iTunes while Chinese android mobile phone is to what? Of course you’re puzzled; no problem, there's good reason.

Here’s the difference: when you enter Apple’s mobile world we talk of a one-size-fits-all philosophy, when you settle to purchase an iPhone, you get into iTunes. Love it or hate it – with an iPhone, you have no other alternatives.

Chinese android mobile phone goes the opposite way. Handling your media is up to you. Apart from the periodic carrier-provided value – which, let's be sincere, generally isn't that better – no standard iTunes corresponding for Chinese android mobile phones exists.

It’s time to wish good-bye to iPod envy: the following guides should help you find an Android media management strategy.

Stay synced with Windows: Make use of Windows Media Player. Link your Chinese android mobile phone to your computer and allow 'USB storage', click the ‘Sync tab’ positioned on the upper-right corner of Media Player. Then, click the white box beneath the Sync tab and choose Set up sync. Type your phone’s name, and click Finish. Now, each time you connect the phone, Media Player will update it with any new music track it finds on your computer.

Podcast power: You won’t find that Android Market runs shortage of podcast apps. For example, DoggCatcher that sells at $7, and to be honest it’s the most polished and easy-to-use one; its interface creates finding, subscribing, in addition to listening to podcasts a snap. More apps are the likes of BeyondPod Podcast Manager (retailing at $7, also offered in a limited "lite" edition), Stitcher Podcast Radio and Google Listen (both free).

iTunes: if you want to employ iTunes, there’s an app called iSyncr which can have your Chinese android mobile phone synced to iTunes. Although you have to realize that Android can't play anything that has Apple DRM (which at present, it incorporates all videos and some music bought from iTunes).

Look for in the Android Market, where you'll locate both iSyncr for Mac and iSyncr for PC versions. A complete version fetches around $3. With the free "lite" versions sync you’ll experience only one playlist at a time and puts a limit you of 20 items per playlist.

An even much simpler option: Make use of the iSyncr Wi-Fi Add-On, obtainable for $1 in the Android Market. It functions well over Wi-Fi, letting you sync your Chinese android mobile phone to iTunes with no any physical connection.

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