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Chinese Android Mobile Phones: How To Type Faster In Android

Fact: Smartphones are intended to make lives easier – or at some point, get us connected to the people want to be in touch with - so why does typing in most Chinese Android mobile phones can be one intimidating procedure? Let's face it: unless you have “toothpick-like-fingers” writing even short messages on your smartphone's minute virtual keyboard feels a bit like playing the game Operation. And while a small number of Android handsets give you the alternative of a slide-out QWERTY keypad, many of them present you with the dilemma of pecking at itsy-bitsy on-screen pads.

Don't give up hope, though: There are options. Here easy ways to compose text on a Chinese Android mobile phone without going nuts.

· Use Android Voice-to-Text

Some higher Chinese Android mobile phones have an integrated voice-to-text system, for example, those with Android 2.1; a built-in voice detection system that lets you input words with your voice. Tap the microphone icon positioned next to any search box, and speak your query. Android's voice-to-text scheme has a few of hidden commands that can help you get your message across. Try speaking a few words, for example:

A "Comma" puts in a comma, or a "Question mark" puts in a question mark and "Colon" Inserts a colon – and many other commands.

· Let Vlingo interpret your voice

For a more stout voice input experience, consider Vlingo, now accessible for free in the Android online store. With Vlingo, Android's default voice-to-text functionality is upgraded, so that you can effortlessly control your handset in different speech-oriented ways. Such as, with a tap on your screen, you can straight away dial any business or person regardless of whether they're in included in your phone contacts (Vlingo automatically operates as directory support when needed). You can also create and send text messages, email, tweets; directions; search the Web; and open other Chinese Android mobile phone applications- just by mentioning a few words.

· Apply BlindType in your Chinese Android mobile phone

If you struggling to strike the right on-screen keys on your Chinese Android mobile Phone, this is ultimate Android input technique, and perhaps just what you need. As its name implies, BlindType is made in a manner that it lets you type as if you could not see your screen. The program app's slogan is, "Accuracy not required."

The program apparently adjusts to your own "perceived keyboard” while figuring out what you're trying to put across, regardless where your fingers are. Sounds strange?

Although not yet released, BlindType is seen to put the days of intimidating defined Chinese Android mobile phone typing behind you.

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